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team building & group activities

Whether the goal is to build relationships with exciting games and challenges or prove you’re the best with head to head competition, Innisbrook provides the perfect venue for teambuilding. Located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, our 900 rolling acres becomes your personal playground.

Benefits of Group Activities and Team Building
• Improve productivity
• Promote problem solving
• Increase motivation
• Encourage creativity
• Develop group cohesion
• Create lasting memories

For more information or to book your event, please contact the Recreation Department: 
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Customize your experience by selecting a combination of events or choose a theme, sit back and let us do the rest. You will be equipped with all gear for your selected games, enthusiastic program leaders and long lasting memories to share. The following are a few of our most popular events that are certain to produce a great time and promote solidarity, while being equally competitive. The sky is the limit with what we can customize for your group.

NOTE: Package pricing is per person with a minimum of 10 people. Cost and duration of events are dependent on the desired program and number of participants. Additional costs may include a miscellaneous expense charge for items and enhancements. Sales tax (7%) and service charge (22%) not included.

A final guaranteed attendance is required 48 hours prior to each event; should no final guaranteed number be provided, the estimated number will become the guarantee. You are responsible for the full cost of your minimum guaranteed attendance within 24 hours prior to your scheduled event time.

Inclement Weather Policy: In the case of inclement weather, your event can be postponed at no additional charge within 24 hour advance notice. Your event can be extended if a storm begins during the scheduled time or the option to move indoors may be arranged. If you choose to postpone or cancel the event within 24 hours, you will be liable for the cost of prepared materials and any scheduled enhancements at the full retail price. We reserve the right to close the slide pool and/or the main pool areas for your safety during a thunder storm or lightning storm, which will remain closed for duration of 30 minutes minimum from the last audible thunder or last lightning strike within a 5 mile radius.

Classic Picnic

Roll out the red checkered blanket and enjoy a picnic lunch, complete with fun games and a relaxing and casual day of great times! Choose from classic picnic favorites like
potato sack races, volleyball, three-legged races, homerun derby, horseshoes, sand castle building, a water balloon or egg toss and corn hole just to name a few.
3 hours - starting at $20 per person

Corporate Olympics

A competition designed for the athlete and non-athlete alike. After the Opening Ceremony, teams will compete in a combination of five events earning points for your team. Go for the gold and move your team up the standings. Then the scores are in and gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded to the winning teams in the Closing Ceremony.
3 hours - starting at $20 per person

Build Your Own Boat Regatta

You don’t have to be a son of a sailor to take on this sea faring adventure. Teams will compete on the treacherous waters of Innisbrook, with vessels constructed from only cardboard and duct tape. Although competition is the nature of the game, any boat that floats is considered a success. Climb aboard and paddle to the finish in this sink or swim challenge.
2 hours - starting at $20 per person

Innisbrook’s Amazing Race

Not all who wander are lost! This contest features both physically and mentally challenging components with a resort-wide scavenger hunt race to the finish. A map, passport and clues guide each team through various challenges toward the finish. Will your team be able to fast forward through all the detours, or will they get stuck at a roadblock?
3 hours - starting at $20 per person

Mega Obstacle Wipeout Challenge

Team members move carefully, but quickly from challenge to challenge in a race against time and ability. Course can include a hoops and hurdles challenge in the sand, a head to head race through a 45’ inflatable obstacle courses with climbing rope maze, twisting and turning slides and tunnels, water course and our own custom Big Red Ball Bridge.
2 hours - starting at $30 per person

Bubble Ball Soccer

In this all new twist on classic soccer, you become the ball! Each player is equipped with an inflatable Bubble Ball suit and will compete against others in this all a ‘round’ good time. (20 participant minimum)
2 hours - starting at $40 per person 

Old School Fun

If you’re looking for something active to bring out the kid in you, try this retro collection! Featuring all the playground favorites, such as whiffleball, kickball, dodgeball, four square, flag football, home run derby and various relay races. 
2 hours - starting at $15 per person


Suit up and make a splash in this water themed event. Choose from a selection of challenging water favorites, such as water relays, water balloon games, pool basketball or volleyball, cannonball bucket challenges, water balloon mega launch and a variety of other swimming and poolside activities.
2 hours - starting at $20 per person

Art of Teamwork

In this colorful group activity, participants will paint a segment of an image which will be assembled in the end to create the final work of art. Draw inspiration from Innisbrook’s picturesque landscapes or we can custom create a special image of significance to your group or event theme, no previous art abilities needed.
2 hours - starting at $30 per person

Nature Tour

Take a walk on the wild side of Innisbrook. Join our knowledgeable guides on a tour of some of Innisbrook’s most picturesque scenes, situated on 900 acres of rolling hills and about 70 acres of lakes. Explore the flora and fauna that is both year round and seasonal.
1 hour - starting at $10 per person

5k or 1 mile Fun Run

On your mark…get set...go! Walk, jog or run a resort wide fun course designed especially for your group, based on specific abilities and goals. Awards include “Secretariat” for the first place participant, and “The Tail-Ender” for the participant who brings up the rear!
2 hours – starting at $20 per person

Dive-In Movie Night

Pull up a float or grab a spot in the sand as we feature a movie on the outdoor jumbo screen! Featuring movie theme related trivia games before the show and food and drink specials at the Loch Ness Bar and Grille.
3 hours – starting at $700 per group

Pause for a good cause

Charity teambuilding events are a two-for-one great deal. You learn to work better together as a team and leave feeling good about your day with a donation to charity.

Build a Bike Grand Prix

Build it. Decorate it. Race it. Donate it. Teams engage in activities to earn parts necessary to build a bike. Then use a team theme to customize each bike with earned decorations and compete to be named the best looking thing on 2 wheels. But the fun doesn’t stop there, grab a helmet and get pedaling, because it’s a race to the finish! The completed bikes will be inspected for safety and donated to a local children’s charity.
2 – 3 hours – starting at $20 per person

Locate to Donate

Teams work together to solve clues or complete activities in this scavenger hunt style event. Each activity holds key information or materials that are earned and eventually used by each team in the end to create an item that will be donated to the charity of your choice. Donations vary based on charity of choice and can range from check or cash donations, gifts, toys, bikes, wheelchairs and more.
2 hours – starting at $20 per person


Additional Games/Activities: prices vary
Photography (with complimentary USB photo storage device): $150
Professional DJ: $500
Custom Medals and Trophies: prices vary by style
Inflatable Rental: starting at $250
Dunk Tank: starting at $250
Meal Options Available: prices vary

Enhancements are subject to availability and pricing may vary, contact the recreation department.